A life changing event turns into a learning experience during Heart Month

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It was a life changing night Amy Boccio will never forget.

“I immediately knew something was wrong and I called my sister-in-law who’s a retired paramedic. She lives right next door to me. I told my child to open up the garage door because I had this feeling of doom,” Boccio said.

Boccio was going into cardiac arrest. That’s when she called her sister-in-law, a retired EMT for help.

Deb Burick, Amy’s sister-in-law says, “She told me she was dizzy and the phone went dead. I live right next door, so I slipped on my boots, I ran over and I found her on the kitchen floor not breathing and no pulse, so I started CPR.”

Burick says she didn’t do anything that someone else couldn’t do if they had CPR training.

“The fact that I had somebody that knew CPR, that knew how to do it correctly, it’s amazing to me that I’m even here,” Boccio added.

Amy’s family turned the tragedy into a learning experience by attending a special CPR class at EmergyCare.

That’s where they learned how to take immediate action to someone in need.

“We just thought it’s such an important thing, you never know, even for young people, people in high school. Learn it, you never know,” Boccio said.

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