A resident stumbled upon several bikes in a Salvation Army recycling trash can

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Mark Leffingwell, a Millcreek resident was grabbing a quick bite to eat as he stumbled upon a bike handle coming out of a Salvation Army trash can. After glancing over he discovered that there were several bikes thrown away. 

“There had to been 15-20 of them in there and most of them looked like they were brand new bicycles to me that’s a shame because they claim to be a Christian charity and they could’ve shared that with many other charities in town,”said Leffingwell.

For over 100 years the centers of Salvation Army has offered residential housing, work, group, individual therapy and so much more for the less fortunate. 

“I’m imagining if it was bikes they’re probably being recycled for metal so if they could be sold we would obviously sell them cause they would get us more money for the program,” said Herb Rader from the Salvation Army. 

After assessment if the Salvation Army can’t get use out of a product they just put it in their recycling bin. Leffingwell believes that if the bikes were not usable they could have been fixed and given to children who would have loved to have gotten one as a present during the holidays. The Salvation Army says on the weekends people tend to dump trash in their recycling bins and they have to check to see if they can sell it. 

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