A vote for a new city council president is a cause for debate

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A vote for a new city council president is a cause for debate.

Here is a look at what the citizens and council members have to say about the new president elect.

The first meeting of each year city council appoints a new president.

A nomination was made for 2021, but that wasn’t the final say as some council members worked to put another name in the mix.

A new city council president is elected in a close vote. On a vote of four to three, Brzezinski will hold the title in 2021.

“It’s an honor to be in this position, but unless I can get the other six to be together and work together, it’s not going to work. I think we can. Everyone on council has a commonality on that they want the city to be better,” said Ed Brzezinski, President of Erie City Council.

Before the vote, Councilwoman Liz Allen spoke out giving her reasons of why she believes she is a better fit for the position.

Although the majority of council voted in favor of Brzezinski, citizens expressed their opinion saying this was the wrong decision.

“Taking a vote like this is not moving Erie forward. This is literally putting us back in the 70’s and the 80’s. This is absolutely ridiculous it’s not like you don’t understand what your citizens are saying or what they’re feeling and you’re completely out of touch all of council,” said Brzezinski.

Citizens who are disappointed say Brzezinski may have the presidents seat this year, but in 2022 new faces could fill the council chairs.

There will be four seats up for election this coming election. Both councilwoman Kathy Schaff and Councilman Jim Winarski will not run.

Councilman David Brennan and Councilwoman Liz Allen are still undecided if they will seek reelection.

“Some days I am convinced that I’d like to do something different and other days actually today is one of those days, that I felt like I have made a contribution and there are still a lot of issues hanging out there. So figuring whats the best way for me to make an impact for change,” said Liz Allen, Erie City Councilwoman.

City Council did vote unanimously to appoint Michael Keys as vice president.

Brzezinski explained that he wants to meet with each council person early next week to discuss the goals they have for 2021.

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