All 93-year old Helen Miller wanted was to visit her family grave stones. 

The Twilight Wish is a national non-for-profit that grants wishes to worthy seniors.
Out of several applicants, coordinators chose Erie’s Helen Miller.
Helen is one of 2,600 seniors to have her wish granted through the Twilight Wish Foundation. 
After outliving both her children, Helen’s wish was placing daffodils on her son and daughter’s grave stones. 
She tells us she hadn’t been to the cemetery in more than a year before today.
Only seniors who have a have a history of giving back to their communities are considered for the Twilight Wish.
Officials say Helen easily met the requirement.
She worked at the Henderson United Methodist Church for 11 years. 
Helen’s experience was a part of the foundation’s week of wishes that goes until this Friday. 
“It means a great deal. I was asked what my greatest wish was, and this is it,” Helen says.
“She’s a very humble woman and loves her family and for her to say her wish is to come and see her children’s graves just says a lot,” Resident Resource Coordinator Stephanie Garcia tells us. 
Helen also took a drive through the Peninsula and got Chinese food for lunch, activities she says made her experience a very special one.