A witness and officials react to fatal accident

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At around two p.m. workers at American Tinning and Galvanizing thought the boom game from another department in the shop, but when they checked outside what they found left them numb. 
“A crash scene from a movie somewhere — that’s exactly what it looked like because you could see the body parts all down 12th street. You could see the car parts all down 12th street.” 
Officials told us a vehicle sped through a red light at the intersection at West 12th and Cherry Street then ran into a semi truck.
The collision killed all three passengers.
Erie Police Chief Don Dacus said, “It’s definitely a very high-speed accident that’s probably more consistent with the interstate than inner city.” 
Officials said the driver was traveling at a speed of more than 90 miles per hour.
Debris from the collision stretched beyond 400 feet from the intersection. 
The Erie Police Department’s Accident Investigation Sergeant Jeffrey Annunziata said, “I’ve been on this job for almost 32 years and it’s the worst one I’ve ever seen.” 
Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook said the three people killed were all men older than 40 years old. 
“If I could figure it down the road I said we’ll assign them driver, passengers…we have no idea where they were. We know they were in the car. That’s it,” Annunziata said. 
The SUV hit another vehicle before running into the semi.
That driver left uninjured.
Officials told us they’re not pressing charges against that driver or the driver of the semi. 

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