A AAA spokesperson has some advice for drivers ahead of what is called one of the busiest times of the year for travel.

Drivers passing through Erie during their holiday commute also weighed in and told us their pre-travel tips. AAA is giving advice to drivers as they anticipate high traffic volumes during holiday travel.

They are also giving advice on how to avoid being among those that they are expecting will need roadside assistance. According to Jim Garrity of AAA East Central, the company says close to 55 million people are expected to be traveling this Thanksgiving holiday.

Garrity added that with the anticipated high traffic volume, people should plan their commute accordingly.

“You want to think strategically about when you’re leaving. If you can avoid those really busy times as Thanksgiving travelers are mixing with people who are going back and forth to work, that’s always going to help,” said Jim Garrity, director of public affairs, AAA East Central.

Garrity also said for people traveling by air, early arrivals to the airport are best.

“The rule of thumb typically is around two hours before your departure time is when you want to be there to get through the security line. It’s probably not a bad idea to think about two and a half to three hours early,” Garrity added.

Drivers passing through Erie during their holiday commute told us what pre-travel plans they partake in.

“Well this trip, we had the snow tires put on, that was pretty important, checking the routing to make sure we knew where we were going, how long it was going to take, threw some snacks in the car,” said Mike Molner, traveling from Massachusetts.

“We’re going to look at the weather ahead of time and see what it’s looking like and whether it’s going to be clear or not. We take precautions by putting blankets in just in case something happens,” said Mark Janecek, traveling from Columbus, Ohio.

After speaking with travelers, they all had one common piece of advice for what is considered one of the busiest travel times of the year.

“Drive safe and don’t be in a hurry,” Janecek added.

“Drive a little bit slower because roads and conditions are sometimes very bad,” said Elsie Nagy, traveling from Ontario, Canada.

AAA also said to make sure your tires are full of air and you test your batteries to avoid the possibility of needing roadside assistance.