AAA: Study shows accidents are on the rise

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ERIE, Pa. — A new AAA study determines that accidents are on the rise nationally and distracted driving could be a major reason why.

Of the more than 2,000 drivers that participated in the study, 2 out of every 3 drivers said they talk on the phone while driving regularly and 1 in 3 say they text.

However, a majority of drivers say they know it is dangerous.

Brenda Bennett of Transportation Solutions, a business that teaches driving, says it has been difficult to teach new drivers because of technology.

“So, while their head is down here they are not taking in anything,” Bennett said. “They don’t understand the light rotations, they don’t understand center turning lanes and who gets to go and when do you get in it and left turns are a nightmare because they can’t judge them because their head has been down here or on a video the entire time they have been in a car.”

The study also found that 1 in 4 drivers believe driving 15 miles per hour over the speed limit is acceptable.

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