Abuse survivor calls for Trautman suspension

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Former priest and abuse survivor James Faluszczak is calling for a suspension from any priestly duties for former Erie Bishop Donald Trautman.

This public demand comes after word that a Buffalo area priest Fr. Michael Freeman sexually abused at least one child.

Faluszczak is charging that Bishop Trautman knew of the abuse and allowed Freeman to continue to function within the church, according to testimony heard by a Grand Jury seated in Pennsylvania.

He is calling on Bishop Persico of Erie and the bishop of Buffalo to prevent Trautman from performing any priestly duties.

Bishop Trautman has maintained in public comments that he has done nothing wrong and there are no direct allegations of abuse related to the former Erie Bishop.

We have a crew covering the news conference in Buffalo and will have complete reports tonight beginning on Action News 24 at 5.

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