ERIE, Pa – Yesterday, House Republicans narrowly passed President Trump’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

In response, people gathered today across the country, including Erie County, to protest against the many changes with the new bill.
Planned Parenthood supporters in Erie and Keystone Progress joined together to speak out against Representative Mike Kelly’s support of President Trump’s healthcare plan.
“We are not going to let our health and well being be determined by extreme lawmakers in Washington.”
The group, gathering at lunch time outside of Representative Kelly’s office, carried cardboard tombstone cutouts. 
Their “Affordable Care Act Funeral” protest was a result of what they’re calling the worst piece of legislation for women in a generation.
Protesters shared their personal stories and the ways in which the new healthcare bill would affect their lives.
“Heartbroken. These people shared very real stories of how this legislation will affect them and their children and that’s very hard to hear.”
After sharing personal stories, the group marched into Representative Kelly’s office.
“Upon entering his office, they were handed a constituent opinion form and were told that the best way their voices will be heard is by filling one out.”
“And the thing that irritates me the most is they across the board, unanimously voted to exempt themselves from this new legislation. So what does that tell you? If it’s not good enough for them, why should it be good enough for us?”
Representative Kelly’s director of communications emailed us the following statement…
“Rep. Kelly appreciates the concerns of all of his constituents. This includes the thousands of people in his district suffering under Obamacare and hoping for relief. Rep. Kelly received a mandate through four straight elections to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a more affordable health care system. The congressman kept his promise and fulfilled that mandate with this week’s historic vote.”
“We did the bra burning, we fought for women’s rights, you know we did all that stuff. We fought for the environment when Lake Erie was dead. And never in my wildest dreams did… 40 years later…I think we would have to do this again, just to protect our basic rights.”
President Trump’s healthcare bill has moved onto the Senate and will eventually be voted on.