Stopping for a light is a simple concept. It’s a rule of the road that we learn to follow when we take our drivers test and may learn sooner in early childhood education.

But, aggressive driving habits are still on our roads, leading to accidents and injuries.

Due to the rising number of accidents reported, PennDOT has felt the need to have an awareness week dedicated to informing drivers — Stop on Red Week.

“People do think it’s just a routine mindset that they are always trying to get somewhere quickly, but just think about the number of people that are suffering serious injuries or lose their lives, the ultimate price that they have to pay just so we can get somewhere just a few minutes quicker. When you put it in that perspective, it definitely shows how serious it is,” said Saxon Daugherty, PennDOT District 1 Safety Press Officer.

The message here is that all of these accidents are preventable. They also happen in the peak hours of the day, which PennDOT says is from 1 to 5 p.m.

Matt Shollenberger, Traffic Officer for Millcreek Police Department, told us why an accident at an intersection might be more dangerous than a head-on collision.

“There’s more injury involved because they’re angled accidents. They hit the side of the vehicles where vehicles are built to take an impact front and back. They don’t do as well taking a side hit,” said Matt Shollenberger, Traffic Officer with the Millcreek Police Department. “On top of that, there’s three points on your license. It’s a $200 fine and that increases your insurance.”

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PennDOT classifies red light running as an aggressive driving behavior, which puts everyone on the road at risk.