Accused bigamist charged with trying to hire inmates to kill wife

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A Millcreek man accused of having two wives is now facing more serious charges after allegedly attempting to hire Erie County Prison inmates to kill his estranged wife.

Tiarra Braddock joins us live from the newsroom with more on this story.

Richard Weber is now facing charges of criminal solicitation to commit homicide, and an additional charge of solicitation to retaliate against a witness or victim.

A Millcreek Township man who is facing a trial for marrying a woman while being already married to someone else is now accused of trying to hire someone to kill his first wife.

30-year-old Richard Weber is currently being held in the Erie County Prison on bigamy and several fraud charges.

According to the criminal complaint, between September and October of this year, Weber approached four separate inmates and asked them to kill his first wife, Anissa Weber.

One inmate told detectives that Weber asked him to file fraud charges of credit card scam against Anissa.

The inmate then told detectives that Weber wanted the victim charged to make sure she wouldn’t testify against him in an upcoming trial.

When the inmate failed to file the fraud charges, he said Weber then stated “forget it, just kill her man. I’ll just have her killed.”

The inmate went on the say Weber promised him $20,000 and a Lexus car if he or someone else killed the victim.

Weber went on to make the same request to three other inmates. He even upped the price to $40,000 for one inmate.

An Erie attorney says the case against Weber will depend on the credibility of these inmates.

“What was each individual incarcerated for? Was it a crime of dishonesty or something different? What type of access did they have to the citizen who’s been arrested?” said John B. Carlson, Attorney at Law.

Attorney Carlson added if the inmates prove to be credible, that could mean more jail time for Weber if this case goes to trial.

“There seems to be a common thread, common scheme, design, or plan in each of their stories, which would lend some credibility, but that is always how credibility is built,” said Carlson.

Weber’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 30th at 11:30 a.m.

Just to be clear, these new sets of charges differ from the charges Weber is currently in prison for.

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