An accused killer pleads guilty and will now spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Cody Potthoff is charged in connection to a deadly crime spree back in June of 2020 that spanned throughout Erie County.

Potthoff will never be let out of prison. That is what the Erie County assistant district attorney said.

Potthoff went before Erie County Judge John Mead to enter the plea on Monday morning.

He pled guilty on two counts of murder. Murder in the second degree which is a mandatory life sentence, and murder in the third degree which is 15 to 30 years consecutively served after the life sentence.

Erie County Assistant District Attorney Jeremey Lightner said that it is good to know Potthoff will never be let out of prison.

“We know that for the rest of his life we will never have to worry about him shooting people and robbing people and killing people and moving their corpses around. The things that he did. He will never be able to do that because he will never have access to the community at large,” said Jeremy Lighter, Erie County Assistant District Attorney.

Potthoff was charged with the killing of 41-year-old Ian Weldon and 66-year-old John Burick back in June of 2020.

Lightner explained that the crime spree had more than just two victims and the crime spree is one they have not seen in Erie County in a long time.

“People that were threatened at gunpoint, people that he shot, people who he stole their vehicles, sometimes by force. It was a crime spree like we haven’t seen in Erie County in a long time,” said Lightner.

Lightner said that there is no plan for an appeal. Potthoff can challenge but by pleading guilty there is nothing to challenge.

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