Administrator proposes turning Erie high schools into charters

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One local school administrator says turning Erie high schools into charter schools is the solution to the city school district financial crisis.

Montessori Regional Charter School’s CEO Anthony Pirrello says Collegiate Academy and Central Tech’s specialized curriculums make them great candidates for charter schools.

Pirrello says Erie spends about $12,000 to educate each student. If the student goes to a charter school in the district, the school only has to pay 70 percent of that to the charter.

Pirrello says it’s a solution that allows students to attend their schools while saving the district millions.

“We need to open our minds and look at everything on the menu, even the things that we don’t want to do,” Pirrello says. “We are at a point in our community that we can no longer do things that we don’t want to do,  we have to start doing things that we have to do.”

Pirrello does not propose turning the schools into Montessori charters. He says another program would have to take them over.

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