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The first wave of snowfall has officially touched down in Northwest Pennsylvania and people are now scrambling to get their cars ready for the winter weather.

Tiarra Braddock reports LIVE from the studio with more on how local residents are preparing for the winter.

The manager at Dunn Tire in Erie says between all three of their locations, they usually mount nearly 3,000 snow tires during the month of November.

“My neighbor’s son-in-law suggested that I get snow tires and I’d be better off with them. So this year I got them,” said Pat Bargielski, Erie resident.

Pat Bargielski has lived in Erie her who life. She says harsh winters are nothing new to her, but this year she wanted to make sure her car was prepared for the snow.

“I bought my car about a year ago and I had a rough time in the winter last year because I had to leave early in the morning before my road was plowed,” said Bargielski.

Bargielski went to Dunn Tire to get her snow tires put on.

“This is the busiest time of the season for us, especially the first snowfall. This is definitely, hands down going to be the busiest time for us,” said John Schlick, manager, Dunn Tire.

John Schlick is the Manager of Dunn Tire on Peach Street. He says people need to make sure they know the difference between snow tires and all season tires before they come into the shop.

“Traction comparing to the two of them when it comes to this time of year is going to be a 100 percent difference. Any all season is never going to be able to compare to any type of winter tire that we have here,” said Schlick.

Schlick says this is the best time to get winter tires because they won’t wear down quickly.

Meanwhile, Bargielski says she will be dusting off her snow brushes and scrapers to get ready for winter.

John Schlick also recommends getting your winter tires off sometime during March, because the hotter the weather gets, the quicker your snow tires will wear down.

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