Advice for making healthy choices when trying to lose weight in the new year

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The new year is inching closer, leading some to look for new ways to lose some inches.

Many use this time of year as motivation to get started and kick off the new year right, but the challenge becomes continuing the new trend in the months ahead.

A new year often comes with new goals and many look to reach the end goal quickly instead of gradually.

“There’s a thing called yo-yo dieting where you lose the weight and then gain it back, then you lose the weight and gain it back. That puts a strain on your body. It puts a strain on your heart, your nervous system, your skin,” said Dr. Bradley Fox, MD, FAAFP, Allegheny Health Network.

A popular way for people to chose a diet is to use what they see work for other people they may know on social media. That can be misleading.

“What they’re seeing is those before and after’s of people who lost 20 pounds in two weeks and it’s just not realistic. You don’t know whether those photos have been photo shopped, you don’t know what that person did on the side. It’s not a clear representation of what that particular plan or diet will do for you as an individual,” said Amie Hornaman, Nutrition and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

If you are someone who is looking to live a healthier lifestyle in 2020, just remember the number on the scale is not something you should live by.

“Go by how your clothes fit. You know when you gain two pounds, lose two pounds by when we put on anything, we know. The scale can lie, it can absolutely lie,” Hornaman.

When choosing to decide what is best for you, remember the bigger picture.

“You should make your resolution for the year to change my life, not your year, change my life,” said Dr. Fox.

In order to achieve your long term goal, health experts made a suggestion of going to the gym for 20 minutes a day or just cutting back on fast food and sweets.

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