African American leaders in Erie call for community to come together peacefully while advocating for equality

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African American leaders are speaking out tonight calling for the community to come together peacefully and advocate for equality.

Longtime leaders we spoke to told us that it’s important for people to continue to use their voices and help George Floyd receive the justice.

What started out as a peaceful protest on Saturday night, turned violent within hours.

Bishop Dwayne Brock said that he has never seen this type of destruction during his 40 years of living in Erie.

“Black folks and minorities are tired of racism not only with police and police brutality, but tired of the institutionalized racism in the criminal justice system,” said Bishop Dwayne Brock, CEO of Eagles’s Nest.

Brock tells us that Saturday’s rioting was a result of outside protesters creating chaos in the city. However, Brock said that there needs to be more conversation about equality and racism.

“I do not advocate rioting, but please understand what else are these people supposed to do. They tried to explain all across the United States black lives matter and then that was circumvented,” said Brock.

Other African American leaders told us in order to create a change, everyone needs to start using their voices in the community.

“You always hope for change. I’m a good fellow. I hope it will change, but it won’t change without coordination, planning, implementation and money. You want to talk about change but no one wants to talk about paying for it,” said Fred Rush, Erie Community Leader.

Saturday at noon, Bishop Dwayne Brock and black clergy will lead a silent march thru downtown Erie to get their message across of peace and equality in the Erie community.

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