After 2 months of being open the Oasis Market is seeing steady growth

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After ending the food desert downtown the Oasis Market is seeing growth and customers day by day, serving about 5,300 customers since they opened. A food dessert is a place that is not close to food or fresh vegetable.

The Oasis Market has many vendors selling their food. “It’s just absolutely fabulous,” said customer Linda Staszewski. The Market is once again participating in another Gallery Nights. For Gallery Nights the market featured art work dedicated to Erie, music, and aura printing. 

“People that come down were actually here for our first Gallery Night before we even started construction,” said co founder Faith Kindig. Suppliers gave out taste testings of their products. In the future the market is looking to support other local organizations.

If you are interested in becoming a supplier or vendor you can click on the link below: 

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