After police involved shootings, local police stress importance of body cameras

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Two officer involved shootings left two people dead in Minnesota and Louisiana within days of each other, both incidents were caught on camera showing exactly what happened.
This is why Lawrence Park Police Chief John Morell says his officers wear body cameras everyday.
“I think it is important to have the cameras there to document exactly what we are seeing and exactly what we are hearing” said Lawrence Park Police Chief John Morell “I think it is a very important case with the shootings that they have something to document what happened from their perspective.”
The chief says the cameras will help determine who was at fault especially in situations where deadly force was used.
“Obviously it is a last resort” said Morell “we try to do everything we can not to use deadly force but in some circumstances you have to use deadly force and it is a good thing to have a camera there to document why you had to do what you had to do.”
Not only are the cameras helpful in determining who is at fault but the video could be used during a jury trial.
“They are to be utilized on duty for accurate report writing, to accurately document the incidents that we occur” said Morell “and to memorialize the incident so we can go back and use it for court.”
“What the body camera does is it largely eliminates the “he said she said” type dispute” said Attorney Eric Purchase “doesn’t mean there won’t be witnesses with different perspectives but the video tells the tale it shows with certainty exactly what happened.”

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