After months of waiting, the first doses of the Pfizer vaccine are administered at AHN Saint Vincent. Staff there say they have been preparing for this day for a long time.

It’s a historic moment that many have waited for, perhaps no one more than health care workers.

“It’s a ray of hope right now. Our community needs it; me having the first shot, I’m truly honored to have it done. I can’t believe it.” said Hermin Brown.

50 front line workers are experiencing what’s been anticipated for months, the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. After each vaccination, employees celebrated with one another in hopes of returning to normalcy.

“It’s a milestone in this pandemic to get to this point. We are just so excited that this will get us steps closer to ending this.” said Dr. Chris Clark, President of AHN Saint Vincent.

Dr. Clark says the two shot series will require a second dose in 21 days. The Pfizer vaccine includes five doses per vile and will be stored at -70°C.

Front line workers say receiving the vaccine is a step in the right direction, especially after waiting for more than nine months.

“The more of us that are vaccinated the more of us are protected against the virus. It will allow us to provide better care and decrease the spread in Erie County.” said Matt Kirby.

Kirby says he knows some are skeptical, but feels confident about the vaccine and anyone on the fence should do their research about how this could put an end to the pandemic.

200 front line employees at AHN are expected to receive the vaccine each day. The health care workers at AHN Saint Vincent say this moment is like the light at the end of the tunnel.