AHN Saint Vincent is on a mission to get as many children in Erie County ages five to eleven vaccinated as soon as possible.

We spent a moment at one of the AHN Health Wellness Pavilion to get the inside look at how kids are dealing with their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

As soon as you and your child step inside the AHN Health Wellness Pavilion, it’ll be a greeting experience of Disney characters and four legged friends to comfort your little one.

When asked if she was excited to receive the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, 9-year-old Emily Presser Palmer said that she was.

“Yes now that I know what it feels like,” said Emily Presser Palmer, 9-Years-old.

Nine-year-old Palmer is just one of the 200 kids who received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. She is asking others to be brave.

“Don’t be scared, because I was very scared at first,” said Palmer.

Molly the pup however was able to help calm Palmer down.

Palmer was not the only one who was surrounded by comfort.

“Five-year-old Killian Thompson said that she felt great and was happy that Princess Ana was there with her.

The mission of AHN Saint Vincent is to get as many children in Erie County vaccinated as possible.

“Having events like this will continue to build momentum and you know get the word out and you know get the word out more, and more folks kind of on board with receiving the vaccine because ultimately that’s how we are going to return to normal as getting you know most of our community in Erie County,” said Stephen Henderson, Pharmacist, AHN Saint Vincent.

“We have Otto here that’s been giving high fives to the children, and coloring, and art projects just to make them feel comfortable and make the 15 minute wait time passed quickly,” said Jodi Anderson, Director of Volunteer Resources at AHN Saint Vincent.

Until then, these little ones will have to go through one more dose to be fully vaccinated.

AHN Saint Vincent will host another clinic for kids at the McGarvey Learning Center on Saturday November 20th from 8 a.m. to noon.

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