Albion Council members take another step towards the disbanding of their police department

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Majority of Albion council members voted yes for the advertisement of an ordinance that will disband the borough police and use state police. Council Woman Becky Marshall thinks the decision will benefit the town. “The state police covers the borough 74% of the time and Albion police does the rest and the state police you’re already paying for with taxes so why would you want to pay twice,” said Marshall.

Council member Jason Harayda said he’s one of the few against the ordinance. “Everybody wants a police,” said Harayda. After the reading of the ordinance sparks flew in the room. Don & Linda Bambarger said council members don’t care about what the public wants. “I’m sure you could tell we don’t want our police gone,” said Linda Bambarger.

The advertisement for the disbanding will be in the paper for ten days. There will be another public hearing and after that council members still have to vote to accept the ordinance.

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