Albion Fire Relief Efforts

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The Abion Volunteer Fire Department received donations from hundreds of area residents just days after the Barnett Building Fire in Albion.
Albion Volunteer Fire Department President Rick Huston says, “People get to know each other and they kinda stick together, these small towns stick together a lot and it’s amazing that even though we don’t have the big jobs and stuff in town, but you’ve got a lot of people here that want to take care of each other.”
For those in need, clothing items arrive to the fire hall including winter jackets, blankets and shoes.
Huston says, “this is typical Albion, I mean in the years past we had the tornado in 85,  it was like this, and any other residents need help, these people come together.  It’s just amazing.”
Longtime fire department member and an Albion resident for more than 50 years, Sharon Brown has been assisting with the effort 8 hours per day.
Brown says, “Anything that happened in albion, cranesville, the surrounding areas everybody pulls together and that’s the way it should be.”
Local churches, food pantries, along with the American Red Cross and Salvation Army offer their support.
Northwestern Food Pantry Director Stephen Smith says, “There are many different people that want to help out and we just need it organized and that’s what we’re trying to do.”
While some have relatives or friends to lean on for temporary homes, others remain scattered around the area.
Smith says, “We have some people at the Green Roof Inn on Route 18 and then there’s some at the Days Inn in Conneaut, Ohio and then there’s other people spread out around with family in the local community.”

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