Albion residents voice concerns over police chief’s suspension

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Some Albion residents are fired up over the suspension of Albion Police Chief Dan Ries. They expressed their opinions at Wednesday afternoon’s borough council meeting. 

He was reportedly suspended due to data overage on his work phone, it is said he paid the full overage fee amount of $650, but he hasn’t been reinstated. Council members say they can’t speak on the matter due to legal reasons, but residents say they want answers. 

“We want to see proof, we want to see reason, we want to see action,” said Linda Crosby, Albion property owner. Crosby says she wants the Albion Borough Council to reinstate Chief Ries. “They didn’t do it professionally, they didn’t do it right, they never sent letters out,” said Crosby. 

Borough Council President Sam Steff couldn’t comment on the chief’s suspension, but he did comment on the controversy surrounding it on social media. “Social media, I look at it as fake news, okay, people don’t know the whole story,” said Steff. “And we can’t divulge the whole story because we’re under restrictions of law.” Some Albion residents voiced their concerns over how much Chief Ries had to pay for the phone bill.

According to Steff, there is no acting police chief but they do have officers on their regular shifts.

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