Aliota’s right-to-know requests cost Millcreek taxpayers more than $103,000

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The Millcreek School Board conducted a lengthy investigation into the behavior and actions of board member Lou Aliota.

JET 24 Action News obtained a copy of the report.

At the center of the investigation that started in late March is Aliota’s constant right to know requests and the financial strain they have caused the district.

It also addresses the hundreds of emails Aliota has sent to officials since 2012.

Independent counsel — Attorney William Weichler — conducted the report, interviewing numerous Millcreek District officials.

In the report, Superintendent Bill Hall claims since 2012, Aliota has sent more than 500 emails to him directly requesting a myriad of often confusing, incomprehensible information.

The report found “many of the email communications received from Mr. Aliota were threatening, defamatory and harassing in nature.”

In the emails, “Mr. Aliota placed deadlines on requested responses with threats of elevating the issue to a higher authority.”

During the course of the investigation, it was learned that Hall was so bothered and affected by Aliota’s harassing, threatening and defaming emails that Hall expressed genuine concern for his health and job.

Aside from emails, since 2012, Aliota has also submitted 80 right to know requests with a combined cost of more than $100,000 in taxpayer money. Aliota has not once presented any useful findings from any of his RTK requests or commented to JET 24 about what he does with the received information.

The report further found that Aliota’s “motivation is not a genuine search for valuable information.”