Allegheny National Forest officials working to prevent wildfires seen in western portion of United States

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Pennsylvania has over 17 million acres of forest, half a million of them make up the Allegheny Natonal Forest.

Park officials say they are working to prevent a wildfire like the ones seen in the western part of the country.

Deputy Forest Supervisor Chris Cook says since we live in a moist climate, this does not cause the same dryness and droughts seen in the west.

When they do get a fire, it is usually contained to less than one acre.

They team up with local agencies and volunteer fire departments and share resources.

“We maintain a fairly high field presence, but we do also rely on members of the public to report fires if they see one. We work cross jurisdiction, so it does not become an issue of whose fire it is. If we have resources available, we assist where we can.” Cook said.

Cook says they emphasis education and outreach, making sure the public knows proper fire safety. Last year, 87% of all wildfires were human caused.

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