“Amazon Adventure” is now playing at the TREC

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“Amazon Adventure” takes viewers back in time to learn about the interesting journey of naturalist and explorer Henry Walter Bates. 

While Bates was in the Amazon, he collected and cataloged specimens from over 14,000 species, 8,000 of them new to science. “We saw the poster and it looked like a fun time,” said Conrad Schroeder, Pittsburgh resident. 

The Schroeder family is from Pittsburgh and they decided to take a trip to the Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC) and watch “Amazon Adventure” while they were in Erie. “There’s a lot to learn,” said Jennifer Schroeder. 

The film “Amazon Adventure” is sponsored by Edinboro University and the filmmakers are SK Films and HHMI Tangled Bank Studios. “We’ve been committed to environmental initiatives over the years and TREC does a great job in bringing environmental education to the region,” said Dr. Michael J. Hannan, Interim President of Edinboro University. “So, we want to partner with them.” 

Dr. Hannan says sponsoring the film is one of the many environmental education initiatives the university has to offer. “We offer three different degree programs, specializing in different aspects of environmental science and environmental policy and studies,” said Dr. Hannan. “Amazon Adventure” will show daily at 11 am and at 4 pm. There also other films playing at the TREC, you can find more info on them on the Tom Ridge Environmental Center website

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