American Red Cross and partners to distribute free smoke detectors

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The American Red Cross will be distributing free smoke detectors tomorrow. This initiative is bringing several departments together to promote fire safety and prevention.

The initiative brought together people from the city of Erie, ServErie, Erie Insurance, and many more.

American Red Cross crews will be hitting the streets with smoke detectors tomorrow around 2 p.m. The American Red Cross and partners will be passing out free smoke detectors, installing them, and proving fire prevention education.

Executive Director of the American Red Cross Pam Masi said they plan on going door to door in three neighborhoods, 26 Street and Wayne Street, the 1200 block of West 11 Street, and at St. James AME Church on East 11 Street.

“One in ten families do not have smoke alarms, whether it’s due to just putting it off to another day, or not having the funding. It can be costly to put up five or six smoke alarms in your home,” said Pam Masi, Executive Director, American Red Cross.

Masi said the Red Cross’ Goal is to make its way to every neighborhood.

“If we find that everyone in the neighborhood already has smoke alarms, it is a success for our community. If we find just one neighbor that needed them, that also provides another success for us,” said Masi.

The City of Erie Fire Department has received many calls about smoke detectors following last weeks fatal Daycare fire.

Erie Fire Chief Guy Santone said his department and code enforcement are currently working on an ordinance for Daycare’s that would ensure events like the Harris Family Daycare fire does not happen again.

“We’re reaching out to them. If they do need smoke detectors, we’ll offer them a couple of free smoke detectors. Once we reach out to them we talk to them, explain to them what the code requires,” said Erie Fire Chief Guy Santone.

Fire Chief Santone said he hopes good comes out of this tragedy. The tragedy revealed many loop holes in fire safety and inspection.

“We’re going to try to close some of theses loop holes so this particular situation doesn’t happen again,” said Chief Santone.

Chief Santone said the fire department has been giving out free detectors since 2006.

The American Red Cross has 600 smoke detectors to distribute. If you are interested in picking one up from the Red Cross you can visit the American Red Cross request forms page on their website.

You can visit the City of Erie Fire Department’s website for information on how to properly install smoke detectors.

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