Summer is unofficially underway, and millions of Americans are hitting the roads to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.

We spoke with some out of towners who stopped in the area to enjoy their extended holiday.

Whether it’s hitting the roads to visit family or traveling to your favorite fishing spot, millions will be hitting the roads.

The roads will be busy this Memorial Day weekend.

Some stopping in Erie to fill up their tanks to continue their journey.

Some traveling as far as Massachusetts to enjoy a weekend at Splash Lagoon.

This included Dominic Montessi and his family.

“We took a six-and-a-half-hour trip over Memorial Day weekend, and we are having a great time, just got done in there (Splash Lagoon) and been in there all day and the drive was worth it,” said Dominic Montessi who is visiting from Springfield, Massachusetts.

He said he took some vacation time from work to spend the holiday with his family.

And we planned a little trip and we have been having a great time and it’s wrapping up and I think tomorrow we are heading back to Mass. So, we got that long drive ahead of us,” Montessi said.

Some folks we talked to, like Michael Nowlin, said they will be spending time at home with family.

“Just going to relax honestly, just barbecue with the family and just kind of relax, we got a farm not far from here and just looking forward to being home,” Michael Nowlin said.

He added the real reason to celebrate for Memorial Day

“Honestly, just the patriotism, just being an American and enjoying what everybody has sacrificed for our country what we all gave and that is what I look forward too,” Nowlin went on to say.

According to AAA, 42.3 million Americans are expected to travel during Memorial Day weekend. A 7% increase over last year.