Animal cruelty officers removed more than 30 animals from a home Tuesday night

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Animal cruelty officers removed more than 30 animals from a home on lighthouse street last night.

These officers were originally responding to reports of a dog being mistreated.

We went to the house where these animals had been living in crates.

Neighbors said that they noticed a strong smell coming from this house. They were shocked to find out so many animals were living there.

Animal cruelty officers responded to reports of a dog being mistreated and found evidence of animal hoarding.

The executive director of the Erie Humane Society, Nicole Leone, describes the living conditions as horrific.

“They were caked in fences, they had old food, some had feces in their food bowl, coved in feces, mats urine. All of the pets have horrible skin infection so they are going to be on a long course of antibiotics,” said Nicole Leone, Executive Director of the Erie Humane Society.

Leone said that the situation for these animals has improved as humane society staff removed them from the unsanitary crates and are caring for them.

“To see them stretch their legs and go into a clean kennel it was like a breath of fresh air for them and they’re already so much happier,” said Leone.

Several neighbors said that they had no idea that many animals were living inside the house.

“Probably about five to eleven, eleven is probably exaggerating which is funny because no it wasn’t. Yeah we had no idea it was going to be what it was,” said Karen Gaston, Neighbor.

Gaston said that her husband was the one that reported a dog being mistreated. She and other neighbors were disappointed to see the conditions these animals were living in.

“If you’re going to treat it like that, then there’s no reason for you to keep it. Give it away, do something, but to lock it up cage it up and cripple it and everything else, it’s sad,” said Willie Cooley, Neighbor.

These dogs are not currently up for adoption, but the Humane Society is accepting donations for these animals.

To make a donation, click here.

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