One person is facing charges in connection with a seizure of over 200 animals from a Summit Township farm in October.

Now, the local animal shelter caring for the animals updated us on their condition. The founder of the ANNA Shelter said the seized animals are now being cared for following the arraignment of Gregory Havican.

Around 5 p.m. on Nov. 28, Havican was arraigned for his alleged involvement in animal cruelty complaints on over 200 animals that were seized from his property. According to a police criminal complaint, Havican did intentionally or knowingly violate codes of animal neglect, access to clean or sanitary shelter and or necessary veterinary care.

The complaint also said animal neglect resulted in loss of muscle mass on animals and prominent bones along with 17 deaths of chickens from serious bodily injury.

After PSP opened an investigation in October, a walk-through of the farm was conducted where troopers allegedly declared the conditions of the farm inhumane and discovered a burn pile of animals on the property.

The founder and director of the ANNA Shelter said the seizure involved various animals, including dogs, goats, chickens, ducks and pigs, that have now been rehomed.

“The animals are doing great. The majority of them are in foster homes, which will potentially turn into their forever homes where they get to stay and be adopted. Amazing what TLC, food and general care of an animal can do,” said Ruth Thompson, director and founder, ANNA Shelter.

Thompson added that the size of the rescue and the number of animals involved helps them prepare for any situation they may be called to.

“Unfortunately yeah we’re getting to the point where we’re good at these large-scale seizures which is kind of scary. I think that’s why our reputation proceeds us across the state and why we get so many calls to help with this kind of stuff,” Thompson added.

Havican is currently placed on a $150,000 unsecured bond.