Anna Shelter assists to save almost 100 dogs from Washington County puppy mill

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Nearly 100 dogs are rescued from a puppy mill in Washington County.  One area shelter is helping to find some of them new homes.

Anna Shelter employees made the trip south of Pittsburgh to pick up 21 German short-haired pointers.  The dogs had been confined to black wire cages and unable to stand.  Many of them have scarring from fighting with each other. 

State Police received a warrant to remove all of the dogs from the puppy mill.  Six animal groups were asked to assist with the rehabbing and re-homing.

Ruth Thompson, of the Anna Shelter, says, “It’s a high-energy dog. It’s a working dog, sporting breed, hunting breed, so it’s gotta have a job. So, this is probably the first time some of these dogs have actually been able to run. We had them loose in the indoor arena and they were literally just sprinting and jumping and leaping up in the air; so excited.”

Ruth says the puppies are facing a number of health issues but will be taken care of by Anna Shelter’s vets.

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