A local animal shelter is celebrating the adoption of 50 dogs from a national rescue they participated in. 

The founder and director of the ANNA Shelter, Ruth Thompson, said they are thrilled all 50 beagles have been adopted.

Thompson said the shelter received over 300 applications, and they are thankful for the support from the community during the rehoming of the dogs.

Thompson said some out of state adoptions took place and that she is not opposed to it, but she would like to start locally to show her appreciation for the support of the ANNA Shelter.

“I feel like people that are in our community are the ones that come to our events or when we have a bleach drive they’re going to bring us a bottle of bleach, more so than somebody that lives out of the area,” said Ruth Thompson, founder & director, ANNA Shelter. “I did try to start local, then kind of branched out from there.”

Thompson said other animal shelters across the country participated in the rescue and they are happy to have helped the dogs find their forever home.