It’s been a busy and taxing week for workers at the ANNA Shelter after they received an influx of needy and neglected animals.

The ANNA Shelter is stretched thin after rescuing nearly 40 dogs and cats in fewer than 24 hours.

Saturday was a challenging day for the ANNA Shelter after they received a total of 37 dogs and cats that needed their help.

“I think that made it specifically challenging for our staff. I mean it does not just deplete our resources at the ANNA Shelter, but it’s emotionally exhausting. It’s physically draining,” said Ruth Thompson, Director at ANNA Shelter.

Thompson said that this was not something they were ready for or expecting.

“I like to think we are always prepared, but it was definitely a lot all at once and what was said is that the majority of these animals need immediate medical care. They were suffering from some kind of neglect issues,” said Thompson.

So far 27 puppies have already been taken into foster care along with a number of kittens.

There are still two emaciated dogs that are in need of medical care. These dogs won’t be ready for adoption until the veterinarians feel they are up to health.

The rest of the animals will be up for adoption. Thompson said that charges will be filed against some of the owners.

Officer Duckett said that if you see or even think that your neighbors are not taking proper care of their pets, let the ANNA Shelter know so they can look into it.

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Officer Duckett added that usually nine of ten cases of emaciation involve no underlying issues with the animals, it’s just the owners not feeding them properly.