The ANNA Shelter is once again answering a call for help regarding a dog in critical condition.

Dr. Sarah Zeigler, one of the shelter’s veterinarians, said the rescue of the dog began Saturday morning after initial contact with the shelter’s director Ruth Thompson.

She said the dog was taken from another person’s house where it was in a kennel, unable to stand up and barely able to lift its head.

The conditions of the animals are often measured on a scale of body fat from zero (being none) to nine (being obese). Zeigler added the dog is at a zero based on his current conditions.

“You can see every bone, you can see the sides of his spine over his stomach, so he has pressure sores and he has ear infections,” said Dr. Zeigler.

Dr. Zeigler also said it will take months of slow feeding and small frequent meals before the dog gets close to a healthy weight.