Last month, nearly 4,000 beagles were rescued from a mass breeding facility in Virginia where they were victims of various science experiments.

On Aug. 30, the ANNA Shelter is taking in 50 of those beagles.

Here’s more on the beagles arrival to the shelter and how they made their way to Erie.

The ANNA Shelter has 50 female beagles in their care as they hope to help these dogs find forever homes.

But, these are no ordinary beagles. They’ve lived their entire lives in a compound and have had little to no interactions with people besides the experiments that were done.

The ANNA Shelter director told us that these dogs were not part of the testing program itself, but rather the breeding program utilized to bring more beagles into the facility.

“They’ll never have to reproduce, they’ll only be able to be pets. It’s so cool to watch them be dogs. Watching them for the first time run and play was a really cool experience,” said Ruth Thompson, founder and director, ANNA Shelter.

Five of the dogs were at the vet clinic for treatment after their move across the state. Meanwhile, the other 45 are offsite at a farm location for the shelter.