Annual Beach Walk takes place at Presque Isle to check conditions after winter

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Today was the annual Beach Walk along Presque Isle to see what the conditions are after the winter.

According to the park operations manager, the water level at Presque Isle is 18 inches lower than it was during last year’s spring Beach Walk, which is good news for the area.

Overall the park operations manager said that today was encouraging to see less erosion of sand than last year.

The two biggest areas of erosion are at Beach 7, Millroad, and Lighthouse Beach and include developments of tombols.

“Dredging the sand out of there, digging the sand out of those tombolos and moving those to those locations that really need them so we are encouraged by what we see today,” said Matt Greene, Park Operations Manager at Presque Isle.

The construction at Presque Isle will start in early May.

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