Another sad ending for yet another area dairy farmer…

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Another family-owned farm is closing up shop after more than 40 years in business. 

It’s hard to miss County Line Farm when you’re driving along Route 19.  The barn has stood for decades in Cambridge Springs, but soon the inside will be nearly empty. 

For John Kibbe, farming is more than a career; it’s family. He and his wife founded County Line Farm back in 1977. “We decided we was gonna make it our life and then we got old.” 

Kibbe’s son-in-law Ed Finney; in line to take over. But, market conditions call for a different ending to that story.

Finney says it’s a seven-day-a-week job, and lately, the money just isn’t there. “I don’t think people realize the effort that goes into this kind of industry.” 

But, the decision to close is one shared by many local farms in the area. They tell us the problem comes down the cost of milk.

Ed Finney, Dairy Farmer, tells us, ‘We need that price to be up because each of these cows per head to raise, to feed, to do everything and we need that milk price higher to make a good living and be able to keep your family here.” 

On Monday, the livestock will be going up for auction. 

John says, “It’s a hard thing for us to accept — no cows…”

The owners say they’re getting out of the industry before it’s too late, but in some ways they’re lucky.  Many farmers others in the area have no choice but to not only sell their cattle, but their property as well.

John says, “We ain’t in a situation where we’re gonna lose our farm, but you can’t help but sometimes sit down and cry…”

That auction is scheduled for Monday at 1:30 in Union City.

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