Many of us made new years resolutions, but as January almost comes to a close, how many people have actually stuck to their resolution?

A personal trainer of the YMCA Glenwood branch said he is pleased as more people continue to join the gym as we get ready to begin a new month.

Jeremias Baez of the YMCA Glenwood branch said his gym was a full house on Jan. 1.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of members, a lot of people actually, just want to accommodate to their New Year’s resolution — whether it’s fitness classes that we offer here at the YMCA, aquatic classes that we offer here at the YMCA or to meet up with myself or our other fellow personal trainers,” said Jeremias Baez, personal trainer, YMCA Glenwood branch.

Baez said the goal-oriented mentality and focus stems from taking time off during the pandemic.

“Some members that I’ve come in contact with, they were really set on that setback that we had — unfortunately, due to the pandemic. A lot of people are more focused on their health and well-being now because of the past couple of years,” Baez added.

One YMCA regular said he started his New Year’s fitness resolution four years ago and tries to continue it by pairing hiking with his gym regimen.

“Mentally, you have to stick to it and if you don’t have a plan, you’re going to go off plan and you’ll just go back into the lazy boy the way I see it,” said Tim Burrows, YMCA Glennwood branch member.

Another member said he joined at the beginning of 2023 and so far it’s been good.

“I’ve made three times a week so far, and I hope to plan on continuing that at least through the spring,” said Bob Bartlebaugh, YMCA Glenwood branch member.

Baez said for anyone looking to jump back in or even begin, it’s all about mentality and pacing yourself.

“I would strongly suggest them to get a little bit outside of their comfort zone, take that first step, don’t tell yourself no and also avoid looking at the scale,” said Baez.

Baez added that as February draws closer, gym memberships continue to increase. He said this is pleasing to him, gym staff and other people who work out at the YMCA.