In wake of the recent act of violence against dogs, we asked local animal shelter directors if they are seeing an uptick in abuse cases.

As you can imagine it costs shelters a lot of money to care for these animals.

For the two surviving dogs being treated, it could cost the ANNA Shelter an upward of $20,000.

Nine dogs were found shot and seven were found dead in Springboro, but two survived and are now being treated.

Unfortunately this is only part of a list of animals that have suffered some form of abuse or neglect recently.

“We have seen so much blatant neglect of animals coming in,” said Ruth Thompson, Owner of ANNA Shelter.

While the ANNA Shelter is dealing with the Springboro case, they are not the only shelter in town dealing with animal abuse cases.

“If they are starving or they are extremely underweight, that is animal neglect and abuse. We are seeing those cases. We are seeing broken bones,” said Nicole Leone, Executive Director of Erie Humane Society.

Experts said that this might be because people cannot afford to take care of their pets.

“I don’t know if it has anything to do with the economy and what’s happening with people not being able to afford routine care,” said Leone.

This is costing shelters thousands of dollars to take care of the animals for vet costs, surgeries and more.

“It was early April when we saw the uptick of cases here. The Erie Humane Society alone has spent around $50,000 since March on outpatient medical expenses.

“Not only is it emotionally depleting, it’s hard to see that. It’s sad to see those animals suffer but yeah financially it’s a drain,” said Thompson.

While there has been an increase of animal cruelty cases in our area, both shelters told us the way they have been able to cover costs to help these animals are through community donations and fundraisers.

“When the community supports us like Erie Gives, the charity pump with Country Fair, those are the blessings that come and help us keep doing what we are doing,” said Thompson.

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Shelter directors are urging people to bring their pets in if they need help.

As you can imagine, nonprofits heavily rely on fundraisers to cover costs.

For more information on how to donate, click here or here.