Area Cancer Survivor to Climb Kilimanjaro

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Conneaut lake resident dan arnett, diagnosed with stage four hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer in april, 2014 survives a life-changing battle”i was blessed the whole way through, side effects were minimal compared to a lot of other people.  I don’t want to say i had a good run of it, but i had a good run of it.”
Through six months of chemotherapy as well as additional treatments to follow, arnett, now cancer-free for the last 22 months, dealt with fear and mystery of what lies ahead. “i mean, it’s scary, you know?  Especially having three kids and a wife, you don’t know what’s going to happen and people want to tell you numbers and they tell you this is this, but there’s really only one number that matters and that’s yours.”
In just one week, arnett will be headed on a journey few others have been fortunate enough to take part in.  “kilomanjaro, this trip was one of these things that i kinda had my eyes on, but never dreamed i’d be granted this opportunity.”
The cancerclimber association allows arnett to climb his way up to the top of mount kilamanjaro as a member of the 13th annual trip for cancer survivors.
  In preparation for the climb, arnett hikes up woodcock creek lake, cook’s forest as well as mcconnell mill to build stamina.  “just putting miles on that so they say the biggest thing you can do get out and hike just put your pack on however you can if you live in a flat area that’s what you deal with it in the desk on a hike last several weekends i’ve been out five and six hours saturday and sunday”
Through finding the trip and navigating the application process, arnett reconnects with association founder and two-time cancer survivor sean swarner about their similar fights.  “i’m pretty sure he’s a cyborg first year was the first cancer survivor to climb mount everest he went on to do the seven summits iron man he’s been to the south pole he is just like this adventure god and did it all with one long”  “for arnett he sees this unique opportunity not only for myself but also spire helping others”  “i don’t think so much as it dries me as it draws necessary about me as much as others see that more clear every step i’m guessing “

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