Area gyms stepping up cleaning routines in the wake of coronavirus

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While restrictions are being imposed by some organizations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are stepping up their cleaning routines.

Fitness U is one of those places taking extra steps to prevent any spread of germs.

Fitness U Owner Matt Pribonic says the main thing is keeping the workout equipment and weights as dry as possible, workers are consistently spraying surface down with disinfectant spray.

“This time of the year, we are always on high alert but now that we are in spring, more and more surfaces more regularly, so all of our departments are spraying down their keyboards and their offices, at the front desk, and at counters and chairs and everything else,” Pribonic said.

Pribonic says they take extra steps to clean wet areas like the showers and pool area.

“Showers and wet areas, cleaning them three times a day instead of midday and night which is standard. We are going in the morning time and running disinfecting over everything like that,” Pribonic said.

“Well, the gym is doing a really good job of keeping everything clean and ensuring that everybody follows the rules of wiping down equipment,” said David Vanhonk, Fitness U Gym member.

Vanhonk told us how important it is to use these equipment wipes and when you are done using the equipment.

“As far as I understand, these viruses are pretty fragile. You take an alcohol swab and wipe it down, you are pretty much deactivating what is on there. So, it is very important to keep things wiped down and clean,” Vanhonk said.

The owner says they have hand sanitizer stations all over the building. They rely on information from the health department and the International Health and Racquet Association for gym cleaning methods.

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