Area native Micheal Keaton calls for neglected bear’s transfer to sanctuary

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Pennsylvania native and Golden Globe winner Micheal Keaton is making an appeal for a long suffering, arthritic bear named Bosco to be freed from his cage and transferred to a sanctuary.

Bosco is being held at Pymatuning Deer Park in Pennsylvania. Keaton claims Bosco is being held in a barren concrete pit and wants to see him taken to a reputable sanctuary.

“This little bear is basically mistreated by not (being permitted to) live out his life where he’s really meant to live. It’s just about respect. Just let him go,” Keaton said.

Keaton also appeared in a new PSA for PETA, where he blats the use of bears for photo ops, and calls on tourists not to visit such animal-exploiting operations. After explaining how the bears are often held in cramped cages with nothing to do but pace and cry, he concludes, “Please, help end this abuse. Never engage with photo ops with wild animals.”

PETA has claimed since the death of Bosco’s companion in 2017, the bear has been held alone in a concrete pit at Pymatuning Deer Park, where he is being denied everything that’s natural and important to him, and harassed by an endless stream of visitors during the summer season. PETA has long pushed the zoo to send him to a reputable sanctuary, where he could run, dig, swim, and more.

Keaton joins a long list of celebrities who have teamed up with PETA to promote kindness to bears, including Alex Baldwin, Sam Simon, Mark Rylance, Casey Affleck, Joan Jett, and Bob Barker.

Owner of Pymatuning Deer Park, Rachelle Sankey, said they have removed 80 percent of the enclosures cement ground, and improved the outdoor space for Bosco, which he has access to 24 hours a day.

Bosco is 24-years-old, twice the age of his life expectancy. Sankey said he also just had his USDA focused inspection, which they are held under the same standards as the Cleveland Zoo and in compliance with three licensing agencies.

The professional vet staff at the park also fears that moving Bosco at his age would be lethal.

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