Area residents express concerns over approved zoning change in Millcreek Township

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A new residential building may be on the way after approval of a zoning change with two Millcreek supervisors voting for the measure.

It’s on Wilkins Road where more than 100 apartments could soon be built.

Area residents are showing up to the Millcreek Township meeting to express their concerns.

For more than 10 months, area residents have been saying they do not want any developments coming to Wilkins Road.

Millcreek supervisors approved NLA Real Estate Holding LLC of Millcreek for the property to be classified as R4 high density residential.

“I’m shocked. I know that I spoke to a lot of residents and even a lot of friends of the supervisors that assured me those supervisors would never approve this,” said Debbie Binney, Concerned Wilkins Road Resident.

Binney said that she and neighbors have an issue with the location. She said that this 20 acre property is about half a mile from the west end of the Erie International Airport runway.

“It’s going to affect us. It’s going to hurt our values of our home no matter how much they say it’s not. If it was coming out of Westlake Road, it would help us. It would benefit us, but it’s not,” said Binney.

One Millcreek supervisor said that the decision to make these zoning changes was not an easy one.

“There wasn’t a day that went by since that last meeting that I didn’t think about. I saw a lot of familiar faces in that group and I thought about this. This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made in my year and a half as supervisor here,” said Daniel Ouellet, Millcreek Township Supervisor.

Ouellet and John Morgan both voted yes to the zoning changes request, expanding a Millcreek company’s plan to build an apartment complex with more than 100 units.

“Listened to what the residents have to say, also listened to what the developer had to say and weighing everything. All of the facts, the rezoning of that area,” said Ouellet.

Ouellet said that the plan is still in the initial stages. He said that limiting traffic is a factor the supervisors and the real estate company will take into consideration.

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