Area schools increase capacity limit for high school football games

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Another night of high school football, but some high schools have extended their stadiums’ capacity after a federal judge deemed Governor Tom Wolf’s capacity limits unconstitutional.

750 fans are now allowed to enter Iroquois High School’s stadium for football games, which is well above the 250 limit set in place by Governor Wolf.

After not being able to attend football games for weeks, students, family and faculty are able to sit in the stands at Iroquois High School’s stadium.

“We’ve been having to watch from behind the fence cause he’s not a senior, while the stands pretty much stayed empty. It’s been disheartening and finally being able to see him right here is awesome. I can’t wait.” said Carrie Carpenter.

Carpenter added this may be the last home game of the season, so she’s glad the school changed their rules. The Iroquois principal says that the Iroquois School District and Superintendent were all for opening up the capacity.

“This is, for right now, our last home game until the playoffs. We wrapped up senior night, homecoming, and our last football game all into one just for something for the community to celebrate.” said Douglas Wilson.

Principal Wilson adding fans are following CDC guidelines.

“We have everything in place for social distancing, everyone’s wearing masks and we thought there might be an issue. Everyone’s been great, everyone’s just excited to go out on Friday night and see a football game.” Wilson said.

“They’re happy to be here even in masks because they can actually be part of the school community and be together and support the team.” said Gary Foster.

Our crews stopped by the McDowell vs. Cathedral Prep football game, which is normally packed with fans. However, there was security there making sure no spectators were hanging out along the fence.

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