Army recruiters double efforts in blue cities

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Nationwide, the Army fell 6500 recruits short of its goal last year, and are now looking for new ways to reach recruits. 

Seattle has long been considered the hardest place in America to sign up enlistees, but now, the Army is targeting this and 21 other cities than lean left politically.

Instead of redoubling efforts in the rural south, where recruiting is easier, the Army is hitting the bluest of cities. 

But, there are many roadblocks. 

The Seattle school district even has a policy; when military recruiters are on a campus, the school must “provide equal access for organizations that wish to counsel alternatives”. 

Army Recruiter Jeremiah Vargas tells us, “It imposes a national threat. If we don’t get our Army to a specific size and strength where we need to be, it’s, it’s dangerous.”

The Army is offering better cash incentives to enlistees and is now using less mass media, and more social media, for advertising.

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