Robert Swanson, an 11th grader, told us that the teens participating in the safe driver competition have to at least have one year of clean driving on their record to participate.  He told us that there is an obstacle course the drivers have to go through and then get tested in parallel parking.

48 students attended the competition today from 13 different Erie schools. 

There is a large UPS truck surrounded by cars to teach students how to share the road.  Swanson says, “because unless you have… actual experience.  A whole lot of younger drivers, like a lot of other people really, aren’t sure of how close you can be and if they can see you or not.”

Jill Harry from PennDOT talked to us about why it’s important to hold this competition every year.  “We do this because it draws attention to the importance of safe driving.  Kids that are here today had to have at least one year of a clean driving record; that means no moving violations, so it’s rewarding them for those good actions drawing attention to the importance of maintaining that good driving record.”

PennDOT also has simulators to show the students the effects of driving impaired or distracted. 

For Robert, not only was this a fun experience, but it also taught him about driving skills he was not familiar with before.