Arrest warrants issued and investigations underway from city protests on Saturday night

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An arrest warrant has been issued and investigations are now underway as a result of the protests Saturday night in the City of Erie.

Erie Police and Mayor Joe Schember addressed what unfolded over the weekend.

Chief of Police Dan Spizarny addressed the issue of the video of an Erie police officer reportedly kicking a protester.

Spizarny explained that this is now under investigation with internal affairs. The City is currently examining hours worth of surveillance video along with videos taken by protesters.

The chief also noted that after reviewing the video, they have sent out an arrest warrant for 28-year-old Erie resident Mel Quinn Barnett.

Barnett was allegedly shown breaking a window and setting a fire inside Ember and Forge.

As for Saturday, there were seven arrests made during the riot, all of whom were from Erie.

The chief also noted that the first arrest that happened on Saturday night was not until 11:15 p.m. which was two hours after the riot began.

Among the first arrested was 28-year-old Trevrah Nicholson who was allegedly trying to light a moltov cocktail on the 300 block of State Street.

Multiple agencies including Millcreek Police, State Police, County Sheriffs Officer assisted on Saturday night.

The chief added that out of all of the officers working this weekend, he is not aware of any officer involved issues other than the one in the alleged video.

“I am aware of no reports of any misconduct on behalf of the police officers. I’m aware of criminal conduct. I’m aware of hundreds of protesters that were throwing rocks, stones, bricks and bottles at the officers, and they took it for two hours,” said Dan Spizarny, Chief of Erie Police.

According to the City, the only complaint they have heard so far was regarding the video.

One of the goals for the Schember administration is to create unity within the city.

The Community Liason commented saying that he does not believe this will destroy what they’ve been able to accomplish so far.

“I think the foundation is string, bring adversity to the police department,” said Michael Outlaw, Community Liaison for the City of Erie.

Here is a list of the names for the individuals who were arrested on Saturday Night:

  • Robert Walker, 21-years-old.
  • Timothy Michael Dabrowski, 31-years-old.
  • Doneata Monique Young, 28-years-old.
  • Carlos Desmond Young, 31-years-old.
  • Tyvrah Nicholson, 28-years-old.
  • Timothy John McCafferty, 35-years-old.
  • Alyssa Vanduzer, 22-years-old.

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