Erie Art Museum brings in boundary pushing installation

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The Erie Art Museum is tackling a heavy topic with an art display that’s worth more than $7 million.

This is “Untitled L.A.” and the installation is made up of apple flavored green candy.

Artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres created the display after his partner died from AIDS. One unique factor about this display is that visitors are encouraged to take a piece of candy as a representation of the cycle of life.

“It’s a little light hearted with the candy but it is still serious,” said Torie Pesta, registrar at the Erie Art Museum. “We invite people to take pieces of candy and over time the work deteriorates the same way the body deteriorates from disease.”

There are plans to double the weight of the candy from 60 pounds to 120 pounds. Untitled L.A. will be on display for one year

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