As temperatures decrease, Erie Humane Society officers ask for outdoor pets to be brought inside if possible

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As temperatures decrease into the teens and single digits, it is important to remember to keep outdoor animals safe.

The Erie Humane Society Officers recommend that all outdoor cat and dog owners bring the animals inside as temperatures drop.

Please keep cats inside and only allow dogs outside for a few minutes at a time as they can quickly suffer from frostbite or could freeze to death in such cold conditions.

The temperatures are expected to be below 32 degrees and according to the Pennsylvania Tethering Laws, no dog can be chained outside for more than 30 minutes. When temperatures are between 32 degrees and 90 degrees, a dog is permitted to be chained outside for up to nine hours out of a 24 hour day.

If your cats, dogs, or livestock have to be outside, they must have available adequate shelters. These shelters must face far east away from the oncoming weather.

“They would need to have access to an insulated doghouse that’s big enough for the animal and it has to be packed full of straw and have a flap on the doghouse door. What that does is allow the pet to get inside, retain their body heat within that space, and keep warm, and what it does with a flap on the front of the doghouse door is it keeps the heat inside of the doghouse,” said Lisa Stiles, Chief Humane Officer at Erie Humane Society.

Livestock must also have access to a barn or three sided lean to for shelter against the elements. A tree line is not adequate or legal shelter.

Young and elderly pets are especially susceptible to such cold temperatures and will have a much harder time regulating and maintaining their body heat.

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For any questions about animal safety please contact the Erie Humane Society.

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