As the temperatures get warmer, tick activity continues to increase in Erie.

Experts told us that ticks are becoming more active during the day as the summer brings warmer temperatures, especially in dry conditions where ticks are mostly found in grassy areas.

The parasites are found along the brush line with four of their arms extended looking to latch to people or pets that come by.

An environmental education specialist at Presque Isle shared advice on how to safely remove ticks.

“A pair of tweezers that are very fine. Make sure you’re able to locate the head. Don’t do any of the things that are going to aggravate the tick such as burning it, covering it with soap, and stuff like that. You don’t want to do any of that because that’s going to upset the tick and then it will regurgitate it’s stomach contents and that’s not good,” said Ray Bierbower, Environmental Education Specialist at Tom Ridge Environmental Center.

Bierbower said that you should hear a pop when removing the tick.

Once removed, you can save the tick and have it tested at the health department for any diseases.